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Fintech to cut costs and intermediaries

Fintech to cut costs and intermediaries

Becoming a Fintech to cut costs and intermediaries in financial operations is already a reality.

There are those who think that becoming a Fintech is just a fad, and not a reality in our market. But, many forget the main common factor that makes the “ Fintech wave ” so popular: the consumers who drive many innovation initiatives!

Some of these initiatives, such as Open Banking, make it possible for smaller companies, startups, fintechs & the like, to offer services at fairer and more competitive rates, especially in contrast to traditional banking institutions. And, like it or not, the idea of ​​bank disintermediation is not some conspiratorial plot by the fintechs . It is an idea that promotes the consumer’s free choice for a service provider with fairer costs for the market.

In this way, banking platforms are no longer just a place where customers “keep their money” and become a super hub for consumer services.

This way, the bank is no longer a place where you pay a monthly fee for your money to stay, and becomes a tool for you and your business .

In this still-heating economy, creating a Fintech to cut costs and intermediaries from financial operations becomes paramount. And, considering that any company or retailer can become its own bank, more and more companies are already seeing the advantages of creating their own payment arrangements and new forms of income for their business.

Here is a success story: See how OK Bank cut costs and intermediaries by becoming a Fintech

OK Bank main page

OK Bank main page

Esse é o caso do OK Superatacado que, em parceria com a LogBank, lançou o OK BANK: um banco digital para todo o seu ecossistema de clientes recorrentes, fornecedores, colaboradores, distribuidores e franqueados. E, além de banco, uma plataforma onde todos os correntistas poderão:

  • Receber e realizar TEDs;
  • Receber e emitir pagamentos;
  • Receber e antecipar as vendas feitas nas suas maquininhas de cartões;
  • Utilizar o saldo da conta digital através de cartão bandeirado MasterCard;
  • Realizar saques com custo reduzido nos caixas do OK Superatacado;
  • Realizar transações via Token;
  • Realizar transferências sem custo entre os correntistas da base;
  • Recarregar o seu celular;
  • Acessar sua conta digital via app (Android ou iOS) de onde estiver.

After knowing this case, you can now become a digital bank too! Talk to us and be part of this new reality!

Get in touch with us and understand a little more about the possibilities for the future of your business. Go to www.logbank.com

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